May 18, 2021 4 min read

What’s a luxury sofa without a trendy cushion arrangement? Not only are they regarded as useful essentials, but they’re also your sofa’s spring outfit changes – how to decorate up, dress down or style any sofa even as you’d love it.


A new set of designer cushions can revive an older sofa, change up your style and even transform an entire sofa arrangement. Don’t underestimate the scope of those sofa staples whichever way you style them.


Discover the way to choose the right cushion arrangement and dress your sofa with our 9 essential cushion styles.



A cushion arrangement for minimalists, two individual cushions make for a relaxed, stylish appealing. Place similar cushions side by side within the center of the sofa with a relational gap between them.


Passage a classy, cohesive look with matching or similar fabrics or draw attention to special cushions with a dissimilar fabric.




There’s no assonance nor reason to the present quite multi-layered sofa styling and that’s just the way we love it. Prints together with paisleys and brocades mixed in with printed linens – this type of arrangement is all about texture.


Even though it’s preferable to throw the book out of the window during this instance, there are a couple of tips for making a designer-approved look.


When selecting fabrics, deliberate the size of the designs you propose to pair together. A large, medium and little scale print will produce a inspiring and well-balanced cushion arrangement.


Next consider the cushions’ styles. Are they mostly casual or formal? Pretty or edgy? a standard cotton within the optical quality of the fabrics is additionally important.



As they stress, if it isn’t destitute, don’t fix it. Sometimes the quality approach is best.


A well-adjusted cushion arrangement is one of the leading visually pleasing arrangements. Make yours interesting by wiggling with color, pattern and texture.


A well-adjusted cushion arrangement matches varying fabrics alright – its regularity gives even the foremost casual or eclectic array of materials a sensible aesthetic.




Why essential our cushions be restrained to the ends of our sofas?

Home cushions slightly far away from the ends for a change from the type.


When operational this style, a least of three is typically suggested but the design works equally well with larger even numbers too.


Combined cushion styling is a perfect choice for sofas that are too small to carry multiple arrangements or sofas which are too long for arrangements at either end.


Try smooth-edged designs to echo the lines of the sofa during a harmonious combination.




Threesome cushion arrangements in opposing corners may be a popular and timeless search for a sofa arrangement.


For a tailored look, think reflection. Place the most imperative cushion at the rear, square within the offender of the sofa amongst the arm and therefore the backrest, then place the medium ahead of it (slightly offset faraway from the arm) and therefore the smallest ahead of that (again slightly offset towards the arm).

Imitate the design within the opposite corner with comparable cushions. Have the equivalent cushions match and consequently the look are going to be neat and composed.

For a rather more casual arrangement, deliberate socializing up the fabrics and shapes. The result remains standard to be a more “lived in” look but will still preserve the balance of the standard arrangement.




when operational with patterns and plains, one among the primary common and appealingly balanced arrangements is an alternating one.


Start with two fabrics that enhance one another (perhaps a patterned and a clear during an alike colorway). Beginning at both ends of the sofa, layer one on top of the opposite towards the center interchanging between the 2 cushion styles.


You might even place a throw that mixes colors or essentials from both designs over the center of the sofa for a sophisticated look and to feature an additional dimension.




Get artistic together with your cushion arrangement by treating it as you'd a well-curated vignette or gallery wall.


Nothing is off-limits with this configuration so think about using different shapes and offsetting them against one another in unique ways, playing on their geometric strengths.


Throw in rectangular, circular, and bolster cushion styles also because of the traditional square shapes for an exciting cushion cocktail.

For maximum impact, curate the arrangement’s fabrics to incorporate contrasting designs differently to spotlight their individuality.



Individual cushions arrangements are straightforward, minimalist, and formal. They emphasize the squared structure of leather sofas making them slightly more masculine and that they suit spaces that require take care of A level of professionalism. (They’re the go-to for offices and lobbies.)

Soften the design with a more tactile texture, a contrasting color, and a throw.



There’s something intriguing and welcoming a few hybrid cushion arrangements. It can have as formal a top-quality in light of the fact that the layered style whenever refined textures and examples are picked yet it likewise adds interest without being too maximalist.

This look works well with throws or other accessories which may visually balance the sofa leading to a singular arrangement that doesn’t feel chaotic.

Go elaborate and make luxury with our top tips on Cushion Styling.